Wednesday , June 20 2018

The Best Villa for your Holiday

When you are planning a luxury holiday or an future vacation,  how many times do you think of accommodation above anything? In honesty, it’s perhaps not your biggest consideration, is it? However, we’re publishing this guide to holiday villas  because you really should consider few things before you book that hotel.

Cheap Holiday Villas

Holiday villas can save you money

When you’re considering holiday accommodation, especially for groups, hotels quickly become expensive. Unless you’re in a hotel apartment or suite, you often need more than one room for a family – which increases the cost by double, triple or even more.

In addition to sleeping, what about eating arrangements? Eating in hotels, especially with room service, quickly becomes very expensive. Alternatively, in a holiday villa you cook for yourself (if you prefer, of course!) and save a lot of money as well.


Family Villas


When you compare like-for-like, hotels are often costlier per person than a holiday villa, and the value only increases when a larger holiday villa is used for bigger groups or families.

Additionally, when one considers all the ‘on costs’ such as laundry, dining, car parking, resort fees etc. it’s easy to see why holiday villas offer far more value than hotels.

Holiday villas are more convenient than hotels

Why do we go on holiday? Is it to do what we want, when we want for instance? In a hotel, that’s often not always the case, as we need to awake for a certain time for breakfast, and dining is often limited to certain times.

Compare this to when staying in a hotel villa, your time is quite literally your own. If you wish to have late breakfast, or an early dinner, it’s completely up to you.


1 Bed Villa With Private Pool


Most of all, not only is your time your own in a holiday villa compared to a hotel, but you’ll have a far more peaceful time. No disturbance by housekeeping, no disruption or noise from other guests, and no stress at all.

You will experience more about a place from a holiday villa

Staying in a holiday villa gives you a unique opportunity to explore, especially if you have your own transport. Not only can you get a more unique feel for a neighbourhood or location, but generally hotel villas are located in the most desirable locations.

Hotels on the other hand, are often located in areas that may not place guest’s location wishes uppermost. Some hotels are located in cheaper rent areas, or nearer to business areas, or simply just in locations that were easier to get planning permission for. This is why some hotels are often located miles away from public transport or facilities like beaches.

When you hire a holiday villa, it’s often the case that everything you would wish to see and do is closely available with the minimum of hassle. Walking to the nearest restaurant, or a wander along the beach, or just meeting locals all become far more practical and convenient from a holiday villa.

There are amazing holiday villas in almost any great location worldwide

Think of any luxury or famous holiday location worldwide, and it’s a very safe bet there will be holiday villas to rent, in addition to hotels.

Imagine what sort of holiday villa you could stay in at amazing locations like :-

  • Miami, Orlando- United States of America
  • London – United Kingdom
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Los Angeles and Hollywood- United States of America
  • Bali – Indonesia
  • Nice, Brittany, Provence – France
  • Ibiza – Spain
  • Mykonos – Greece
  • Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany – Italy
  • Marbella, Majorca – Spain
  • Cabo – Mexico
  • Marrakesh – Morocco
  • Aspen,
  • Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, St Parts – Caribbean
  • Barcelona – Spain
  • Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui – Thailand
  • Cape Town – South Africa

You don’t miss your home comforts when you’re in a holiday villa

Suppose you’re travelling to an area where you may not like the local food? What about if you’re travelling on holiday when your favourite football team are playing that big game? What about hotel wifi that’s either expensive or as slow as a snail?

If you were in a hotel, you’re likely stuck with the facilities offered – that local restaurant, or that normal TV without cable sports.

However, if you’re considering a holiday villa, you can simply look for one with cable TV subscription, or cooking facilities where you can bring your own favourite foods from home, and feel far more settled ‘at home’ away from home.

Holiday zillas are always more peaceful than hotels

By definition, a hotel is always busy – new guests, departing guests, housekeeping, working staff etc. However, a holiday villa is your own space, and far more peaceful for it.

You may just wish to catch up on all that rest you’ve missed with working too hard back home on that project, or just sun bathe all day, or anything else that puts yourself first. When you’re sharing facilities – such as in a hotel – there’s always that little bit of stress, even if it’s getting to the sunbeds before the Germans, isn’t there?

Conclusion: Why would you consider a hotel instead of a holiday villa? Probably never now!

Although these reasons above are all valid, they’re only a handful of reasons why a holiday villa is a far better option than a hotel for a holiday.

Of course, the more you think about planning your holiday with a holiday villa, the more positives you’re likely to find, other than cost, convenience, cooking and what we’ve said here.

In saying all of this, we’re not saying hotels are not useful or beneficial – they are, for a specific type of holidaymaker, or (more likely) businessman.

Holiday villas tend to cater better for couples, families and groups, and certainly provide a far more fulfilled experience, and often far cheaper!

So the only thing left to decide is where will you be booking your holiday villa?

So see below for the areas that you can find amazing villas for your holiday: