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Worldwide Villas

Holiday villas come in all locations, shapes and sizes.

Holiday villas for rent are available in many different guises. Whether it’s a cheap Airbnb-style private room rental somewhere different for a couple of nights, a place on the Norfolk coast for a week or a gite in France for a fortnight, chances are the diligent traveller will find somewhere to their taste.


3 Bedroom Villa



The best thing about holiday villas is their variety. Whatever the holidaymaker’s essential requirements (decent shower, comfortable bed, space for the dog, away from the rat race) there will be a holiday villa to suit. Larger parties might prefer renting a holiday villa to the complications of trying to get neighbouring tents on a campsite or adjoining rooms in a hotel. Others may prefer the privacy of a villa to themselves, especially if they are dealing with special dietary requirements or needing recuperation time after an operation or other traumatic event. Some villas are fully accessible, others have modifications to cater for mobility-impaired guests, their carers and assistance dogs.


Depending on preferences, a rustic holiday villa in a small privately owned location (say, a farm with converted outbuildings) might be more appropriate than a lodge in a more modern setting. Some villas may be more suitable for children, depending on the age of the child and their interests. No good taking a tech-mad teen to a holiday villa without wifi, for instance, but older family members may well appreciate the solitude offered by a digital detox.


Large Holiday Villas


A detached villa is likely to offer a level of privacy which no hotel, however good, can match. Holidaymakers seeking an outdoorsy break may be happier with a more basic holiday villa that can easily withstand the rigours of muddy hiking boots and wet walking gear, while an older couple looking for a self-catering base from which to explore the local area may opt for something a bit more luxurious, with a tarmaced approach road rather than a farm track, fully stocked kitchen, a daily cleaner and laundry service included in the price.

Leave your leftovers

The homeowner or host will be able to advise on such knotty issues as whether or not to bring bedding, and how much food to purchase before arrival. They are likely to have contacts in the local area and may be able to negotiate discounts for sending business to the local restaurants, bars, shops or attractions. Some landlords may even provide a list of suggested foodstuffs to bring, as well as providing some basics on the day of arrival. In this case, it is acceptable, indeed expected, that the guests will leave some of their extras for the next occupants. Alcohol, pasta, juice, squash, cans of soup or tomatoes, eggs and frozen food are all possible options to pass on to the next group.

Sharing is not always caring

Sharing bathrooms is always a contentious issue, especially when holidaying with children. It pays to make sure that family accommodation has enough space to keep everyone happy. The time of year can also make a difference. Some coastal resorts can be very quiet in autumn and winter, and a lot noisier (and potentially more expensive) come the school summer holidays. The location of the holiday villa itself can also play a part in how lively things get. Some parties make their own fun, others want to get away from noise and bustle.

Every guest will have their own preferences. Couples’ preferences may even differ. There is enough variety in the holiday villa market to suit everyone. And when everyone’s happy, everyone wins.

So these are all of the holiday villas that we offer: